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Needles for diabetics are part of the nuts and bolts of insulin therapy and part of an everyday reality for insulin-dependent individuals. Millions of diabetics worldwide use needles to effectively deliver their needed insulin dosages to the subcutaneous layer of fat between the muscle and the skin. Although other options have more recently become available for diabetes management such as insulin pens and insulin pumps, millions of diabetics in the United States and beyond still depend on the affordability and the efficacy of needles in their everyday blood glucose management.
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Needle Disposal/Care

As with any other sharp instrument, care must be taken with needles for diabetics. Although it can be tempting to reuse needles in your everyday care due to cost, this is not a great idea. Talk to your healthcare professional before choosing to reuse needles. There are many different factors to consider including decreased needle sharpness, dangers to others in your home or work and cleanliness. Additionally, needle disposal is something that must be done safely. It may be necessary to check with the waste management company in your municipality to ask about any special rules involved with sharps and other medical waste disposal.

Affordable Diabetic Needles

Total Diabetes Supply has a wide range of diabetic needles for sale. Because needles are an everyday reality of millions, we strive to make these tools affordable and accessible. With the many different factors that diabetics need to take into consideration each and every day with their diabetes management and self-care, we believe that something as basic as needles shouldn't be a stressor.

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At Total Diabetes Supply, we offer many ways for you to save money on needles for your diabetes care. In addition to our low, everyday prices, we offer a convenient Auto-Ship program that allows you to save an additional percentage off your needles. You'll never run the risk of running out of needles with this program, and you can cancel or edit your order any time. You can also save money by qualifying for free shipping on orders over $99.

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