New Year Greetings

      Happy New Year from us at Total Diabetes Supply! As we move into 2019, many people are arduously working on keeping their new year resolutions – whether it be a commitment to eating healthier, going to the gym more, or even just spending less time on their devices. However, there is a population of people most likely even larger than the formerly mentioned one that made these same resolutions and have already fallen off. If this situation sounds familiar to you, understand that you are not alone. You should also understand that you do not have to, as jokingly as people may say it, “wait until next year.”

      Setting goals for yourself can come at any point in the year, including now. If you are a diabetic, realize that setting health-oriented goals such as these might prove more beneficial for your body and mind than you might realize. However, realize that these things also take time. For many, instead of jumping out of the gate with “I am going to go to the gym every day,” consider beginning with a bigger time interval, like once or twice a week, or even bi-weekly, and working your way up from there. Often, we set unrealistic standards for ourselves that cause us to immediately give up, even if we have only attempted it a few times. This is human nature. Of course, if you have found yourself persevering in your bigger goals, by all means, go right ahead!

      Of course, setting health-oriented goals might not have to be working out right away, either. If you would like to start even smaller, you can start by incorporating more water or low-carb vegetables into your diet. Note that this suggestion is not to change your diet completely and immediately (again, a task that may prove too daunting and will be discouraging to attempt again if you fail once), but to begin slowly introducing changes that do not affect you as much as you may believe.

      There is the possibility that you have made resolutions relating to financials. As the years go on, prices of essential items have steadily gone up as our world becomes increasingly more connected. If you have decided to set a monthly budget for yourself, again make sure that you are setting everything within reason. Oftentimes, people will exceed a budget one time because of a moment of weak spirit or simply because of a mistake and decide that the budget must be the object causing the problem, discrediting it in their minds. Even if you do not follow this budget strictly, it is important to keep within the relative monetary limits you have set for yourself, because in this way you are improving your sense of organization and reducing stress without even realizing it.

      There are many times where we feel like our goals will never be accomplished, for this or that reason. Remember this always, always, always: Even if you fail once or twice, there is no need to give up completely. You are always given the opportunity to try again.