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Why is a Tracheostomy Performed?
If an individual's airway is acutely obstructed, a tracheostomy may be necessary for the person to be able to breathe. It may be performed in an emergency situation or as a result of a chronic illness or other problem makes normal breathing impossible. Although some diabetics have tracheostomies, there are some other conditions that may necessitate a tracheostomy. These are: birth defects of the airway, burns, cancer, coma, infection, injury to the larynx, a need for extended ventilator or respiratory support, obstructive sleep apnea, tumors, vocal cord paralysis, tumors and more.
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What is a Tracheostomy?

During a tracheostomy, an opening in the neck is surgically created for direct access for a breathing tube. Although a tracheostomy may be performed as a temporary procedure, it may also be necessary for long-term use — even permanently. Long-term or permanent tracheostomies require at home care to maintain the integrity of the tracheostomy. Your doctor or nurse will go over the care needed including suctioning the trachea, cleaning the skin around the stoma to prevent infection and changing and cleaning the tubing. Cleaning and self-care are vitally important, especially for diabetics whose immune systems are compromised and who struggle in fighting off infections. Prevention of infection is the best course of action in tracheostomies in diabetics.

At-Home Care for Tracheostomies

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