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At Total Diabetes Supply, we offer a full range of the most advanced and commercially accessible professionally-made braces available on the market. Braces are incredibly important when treating swelling and joint pain. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis who feel a flare in their joints are usually prescribed to a certain brace or splint, which will allow them to perform their normal everyday activities while enabling the muscle or joint the full benefit of healing.

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Braces work to relieve pain by giving the specific joint support throughout the day, and by letting it rest during moments of sitting down or sleeping. You may also consider using a brace if you experience contracture, which is when tissues, tendons, or muscles become shortened, which resulting in deformed, rigid, and inflamed joints. The effectiveness of braces cannot be ignored: many patients who begin using braces find themselves relieved of long-term pain just days after first taking the brace.

The great thing about braces is that it acts as non-invasive treatment for conditions that would otherwise require tough and expensive surgeries to deal with. While you may find yourself inconvenienced by the limited mobility that you must undergo while wearing the brace, it is important to remember that the brace is much more preferable to other options, such as surgeries that can require weeks or months of require, or just living with the pain and risking that it might get worse.

When buying a brace, it is important to have some sort of prescribed schedule issued by a medical professional. Whether you have to wear the brace all the time for several weeks, or whether you are just required to wear it a few hours a day or a few days per week relies entirely on the judgment of your medical professional. Find the brace that works for you today, in terms of functionality, comfort, and price; at Total Diabetes Supply, we have it all.