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What is Enteral Nutrition?
At some point in their lives, individuals may need to receive what is referred to as "enteral nutrition" or "tube feeding." Enteral nutrition is often used in people of all ages who have difficulty swallowing. It can also be needed as a result some types of surgeries that interfere with eating as well as a physical inability to eat. Enteral tube feeding (ETF) is used to ensure that patients maintain adequate food, liquids and nutritional supplements. ETF can be administered either with a "nasogastric" or a "nasoenteral" feeding tube, which is inserted through the nose directly into the stomach or the small intestine. It can also be used via a gastronomy or a jejunostomy tube. These options are placed directly through the patient's skin, into the stomach or the small intestine.
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Who Receives Enteral Nutrition?

Although approximately 25 percent of those who receive ETF in hospitals are children and newborns, it is also performed in hospitals, long-term care facilities and at home. In fact, thousands of patients receive this therapy at home. Total Diabetes Supply has the enteral nutrition supplies and enteral nutrition products you need at prices that won't break the bank. From feeding pumps and supplies to nutritional products, we have your supply needs covered. Although ETF can be a stressful and sometimes uncomfortable experience, Total Diabetes Supply strives make this often-temporary treatment just a little bit easier for you, your family and your healthcare provider.

Enteral Feeding Tube Supplies & Accessories

We offer feeding tube kits, connectors, catheter/syringes and adaptors as well as extension sets for adults, children and infants. Choose from power adapters, enteral feeding bags, supplements, pre-mixed formulas, powdered formulas, pureed foods and more. At Total Diabetes Supply, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, most trusted brands in enteral feeding therapy. Browse the best products from Bard Medical, Carex, AliMed, Alcor Scientific, Abbot Nutrition, Ensure, Enfamil, Kimberly Clark Professional, Similac, Perfect Keto, Pediasure and Pedialyte and more.