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Today's adult incontinence care offers a great variety of innovative solutions for the needs of adults who experience this problem. The loss of bladder or bowel control can be frustrating and embarrassing, but it doesn't have to be. Whether your incontinence problem ranges from mild to severe, Total Diabetes Supply has the selection of products available to help accommodate all aspects of this disorder.
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Types of Adult Incontinence

The symptoms and types of adult incontinence can take several different forms. The most common types of incontinence are stress incontinence (as in during laughing, coughing, sneezing, exercising); urge incontinence, where an intense, sudden urge to urinate is often followed by an involuntary loss of urine; overflow incontinence (frequent/constant "leaking" or "dribbling"); functional incontinence, which accompanies a physical and/or mental condition that prevents one from getting to the toilet on time; and mixed incontinence, which is defined as experiencing more than one urinary incontinence type. Several factors increase one's risk of developing urinary incontinence. These include gender, being overweight, smoking, age, family history and other diseases such as neurological disease or diabetes.

What Causes Incontinence?

Everything from medications, foods and physical infections can cause and/or exacerbate adult urinary incontinence. Caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, chili peppers, citrus fruits and large doses of vitamin C can all be culprits in urinary incontinence. Blood pressure and heart medications can also cause incontinence, as can muscle relaxants. Urinary tract infections and constipation can cause this condition as well.

Low-Priced Products for Every Incontinence Need

Total Diabetes Supply has the adult incontinence products and supplies you need to stay active and on the go despite your struggles with incontinence. Today's incontinence briefs, liners and pants offer unparalleled comfort that has improved substantially in the past decade. For night leaks and extra protection in beds or on furniture, we also offer incontinence pads and liners for extra peace of mind. Choose the incontinence produces/supplies and hygiene items from powerhouse manufacturers such as Depend, Attends, Cardinal Health, Griffin Care, LLC, Poise, Tena and Whitestone.