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The urinary system serves a vital function that works to remove waste products from the body. This system includes two kidneys, the bladder, two ureters, two sphincter muscles as well as the urethra. Although the structure is quite different between male and females, these organs serve the same purpose and perform the same functions.
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Common Urological Conditions

When parts of this system are not working properly, one may need to see a urologist, which is a doctor specializing in the innerworkings of the urinary system. Some common urologic conditions include prostate problems, bladder control issues, kidney stones and bladder or kidney infections. Although some of these conditions are temporary and can be treated with antibiotics, some are more serious and require long-term care, special equipment and/or surgery.

Diabetes Affects the Urinary System

Because diabetes can adversely affect the urinary system, including the kidneys and bladder, diabetics may find themselves needing urology supplies and urology equipment in their homes as part of their daily self-care. Whether you need male or female catheters, drainage equipment and bags, silicone adhesive, extension tubing, leg bag straps or other urology equipment and supplies, you'll find what you need at Total Diabetes Supply. We carry well-respected manufacturers in the urological device and supply industry including Bard, Securi-T USA, Urocare, Cure Medical, Kendall Healthcare, BD Becton Dickinson and Coloplast.

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