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What is Obstructed Sleep Apnea?
For people with obstructive sleep apnea, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines are often game changers. Sleep apnea is defined as a serious sleep disorder in which the sufferer's breathing is interrupted throughout their sleep.
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CPAP Machines: The Most Popular & Effective Treatment

The use of CPAP machines is the most popular and most effective treatment for sleep apnea. These machines help increase the air pressure in the throat to keep the airway from collapsing when the user inhales throughout the night. Through the use of a mask and nosepiece, this air is delivered from the CPAP unit via a mask on the face. A chin strap keeps the mask in place.

Benefits of CPAP Machines

There are many benefits to CPAP machines, one being the almost immediate decrease in snoring. Because the breathing is interrupted throughout the night, sleep patterns are disturbed, leaving the person with sleep apnea tired throughout the day. When a CPAP machine is used, daytime tiredness is reduced. Additionally, blood pressure is lowered at all times of the day and those who have heart disease may see a reduction in problems associated with the disease.

CPAP Machine Maintenance & Part Replacement

CPAP machines require maintenance and occasional replacement of parts to keep the unit working and in tip-top shape. They also require regular cleaning with specially made wipes designed for CPAP machine units or a mild soap. Filters need to be replaced to ensure air quality and to increase the life of your CPAP machine. Additionally, tubing should be replaced annually or more if needed. This is because holes can develop in the tubing, which can compromise the delivery and the air pressure. Tubing should be cleaned weekly by filling a sink with warm water and mild liquid soap, washing and drip-drying. Other parts of the unit such as nasal cushions, masks, chinstraps, humidifiers and others should be replaced occasionally. Check your CPAP machine's manual for details on how often you should replace these items.

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