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Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)
If you are performing routine care on yourself, a loved one or a patient as a medical caregiver, you must be cautious to reduce or eliminate the risk of touching blood, secretions, excretions and other bodily fluids. Whether you have direct exposure to these items or indirect exposure through handling waste, cleaning instruments or cleaning up spills, protecting yourself from accidental exposure is a fundamental best practice with an importance that cannot be overstated. Great strides have been made in preventing many healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Even so, approximately one in 31 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection according to the Centers for Disease Control.
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Diagnostic Supplies & Products for Sale

Our medical exam and diagnostic supplies and products also include items that help you acquire knowledge about vital signs so you can be well-informed and better equipped to make the best healthcare decisions about yourself, your patient or your loved one. Choose from a huge selection of stethoscopes and thermometers in all price ranges.

Convenient Exam Supplies & Products

Stock up on medical exam and diagnostic supplies and products for all your self-care and self-monitoring needs. Compliance is directly linked to having the products you need on-hand, so it is imperative to have what you need readily available in one location.

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