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Total Diabetes Supply Knows (Your Pet's) Diabetes
At Total Diabetes Supply, we understand the unique needs, supplies as well as the commitment that diabetes requires. Our understanding doesn't stop just at diabetes in humans either. We're also well equipped to delve into the world of animals. We are animal lovers, so we understand just how special your relationship is with your pet. We also understand that you want the very best for your four-legged friend, so they achieve optimal health and live a long, healthy life.
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The Best Brands in Diabetes Care for Your Pet

Just as in managing diabetes in humans, it is necessary to monitor blood sugar levels in animals. This is done with glucose meters and diabetic test strips for animals. Many glucose monitors don't work alone — they require glucose test strips in order to accurately display accurate blood sugar levels. We carry many different brands and types of diabetic test strips for pets and other diabetic supplies for your furry companion, all specially manufactured and formulated to help maintain your pet's good health. Choose from Advocate and UltiCare, known and well-respected brand names in pet diabetic health care.

Why Diabetic Test Strips for Pets?

Diabetic test strips for pets goes hand-in-hand with ensuring that your pet maintains their blood glucose levels. Once your veterinarian diagnoses your pet's diabetes, it may be necessary to inject your pet once or twice a day with insulin. Diabetic Test Strips allows you to understand your pet's health based on their blood sugar levels. As in humans, diabetes that is not well controlled can ultimately cause complications in the eyes, kidneys, heart and other organs including the skin.

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At Total Diabetes Supply, we have everything you need to keep your diabetic pet happy, healthy and by your side for many years to come. Browse our extensive collection of diabetic pet care products and enjoy low prices with free shipping on orders over $99!