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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 70% of Americans are overweight. Diabetics are especially prone to overweightness as this figure jumps to 85% of Americans with type two diabetes are overweight. This is because of the various health factors that come with their condition such as constant low blood sugar, as well as other factors like lack of sleep or too much stress. Because of this, as a diabetic, it might be important to plan snacks just as you do meals.

Not always should you reach for the top-brand chips or candy bars, but should instead go for those that have your health in mind, such as the ones listed in this category. You should choose your snacks wisely, and in this case that would mean going for healthier and equally delicious alternatives to your favorites. From our line of 15 Packs of Extend Nutrition Anytime Bars, with 11g of protein, to our BBQ Protein Chips, with 10g of protein per pack, we have all your healthy snack alternative needs covered.

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