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Diabetes is a serious, chronic condition that currently has no cure. However, it can be managed. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are more than 100 million Americans living with diabetes or prediabetes. The treatment cost of diabetes increased from $245 billion in 2012 to $327 billion in 2017 according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). These costs include hospital inpatient care, prescriptions, diabetic supplies and visits to the doctor.
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Who Says You Can't Joke About Diabetes?

But even in its seriousness, its prevalence and its cost…who says that you can't joke a little bit about diabetes? Lighten things up a bit while you raise awareness and support for those living with diabetes with a comedic diabetes T-shirt by American Apparel available at Total Diabetes Supply. Our fashionable and fun selection of diabetes shirts can add a little humor to the daily grind.

Lighthearted Diabetes Shirts

Our collection of diabetes T-shirts put a lighthearted spin on this chronic condition that affects so many people around the world. These clever diabetes-themed tees are made from super-soft, quality cotton that is perfect for comfortable, everyday wear. They feature a 1" hem on the sleeves and at the bottom, high-quality prints, ¾" set-in collar and shoulder-to-shoulder tape.

Clever Diabetes T-Shirts

Let people know that you have a needle and you aren't afraid to use it or that you are "Type One-Derful." As if there was any doubt about it, you can assure those around you that "Diabetics are Naturally Sweet." Or maybe you'd like to announce that your "Pancreas Runs on AAA Batteries." Are you "Finger-Prickin' Good?" Get a good laugh and rally around diabetes with this clever selection of diabetes tees from Total Diabetes Supply.

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Have questions about any of these diabetes T-shirts and diabetes shirts you see here? Our knowledgeable customer service team is available to answer any question you may have. Call 877-977-7709, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. You can also email us. We are committed to providing you with the best products at the best prices, and we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed promise with every purchase.