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The Link Between Incontinence & Diabetes
There is a known, direct link between incontinence and diabetes. Both are extremely common conditions: The United States Department of Health and Human Services noted that over half of older Americans experience incontinence at some point in their lives. Because many diabetics experience nerve damage (neuropathy), this damage can affect the autonomic nerves in the bladder and within the bowels. Furthermore, because neuropathy also affects the hands and legs, some diabetics struggle with getting to the bathroom and/or unbuttoning their pants in time.
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Better Quality of Incontinence Liners & Supplies

Think that diabetic incontinence supplies and adult incontinence liners and products are still in the dark ages? Think again! Today's incontinence solutions are leaps and bounds better than many products that were available just a mere decade ago. With better technologies in odor control, comfort and a wider availability in sizing, the diabetic incontinence liners and supplies feature better, more personalized fit and options. Additionally, Total Diabetes Supply offers competitively low prices on diabetic incontinence liners. Because these are staple products that must be used each and every day for many people, the prices you'll find here are refreshing in that they won't break the bank.

Avoid Incontinence Triggering Agents

In addition to keeping your home well-stocked in adult incontinence supplies and diabetic incontinence liners and products (consider Total Diabetes Supply's Auto-Ship program for extra ease), you can also back off from some known incontinence triggers. These include alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, foods high in sugar or corn syrup — even decaffeinated tea or coffee.

Brands of Incontinence Supply You Can Trust

From Dynarex and Depend brands to Covidien Medical Supply, Prevail and Tranquility options, you'll appreciate our extensive collection of diabetic incontinence liners, pads and briefs. Choose your absorbency from light to overnight and enjoy the peace of mind that high-quality diabetic incontinence supply products can offer.