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Diabetic Foot Care

Because of the dangers associated with diabetics and their circulation, special care needs to be given to their feet. A simple cut, stubbed toe or a hangnail can quickly turn to bad news for diabetics. When it comes to foot care, doctors suggest inspecting diabetic feet daily, bathing them in lukewarm water, taking care when cutting nails, having a professional care for corns or callouses and wearing clean, dry socks. In addition, comfortable and protective diabetic shoes are must-haves. Shop for sneakers and tennis shoes for diabetics below.

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Diabetic Tennis Shoes, Athletic Shoes and Sneakers

At Total Diabetes Supply, we carry the best in diabetic tennis shoes, diabetic athletic shoes and diabetic sneakers. These diabetic shoes are designed and manufactured with the diabetic's foot care needs and offer extra protection and support. They also have non-binding uppers, are deeper than regular shoes, have deeper toe boxes and have lightweight, cushioning soles.

We offer a wide range of men's and women's diabetic shoes in many styles including diabetic sneakers/tennis shoes, loafers, Mary Janes and diabetic dress shoes in brands like New Balance and Orthofeet. From stretchable fabrics to all-natural leather, our diabetic shoe inventory ranges the gamut of colors, materials and sizes. Here you'll find affordable diabetic shoes you won't mind wearing.

Diabetic Foot Care, Diabetic Shoes and Diabetic Foot Health Products

At Total Diabetes Supply, we have the products you need for diabetic foot care at great low prices, including high-quality yet inexpensive diabetic shoes. Shop our selection of diabetic foot care products to help nurture and care for your feet to ensure long-term diabetic foot health. Shop our selection of foot lotions and creams, diabetic socks, compression socks and more.

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