Why Picking a High Quality Supplier is Important for a Diabetic

It’s possible that you have had an encounter where you order diabetes supplies from a manufacturer, company, or third-party website like eBay and have received them at a quality less than satisfactory. Whether this was due to a choice made on price, or it was the fault of the supplier, no one wants to experience these kind of results again. That is why it is important to a supplier that is dedicated to providing high quality supplies at a fraction of the price, such as Total Diabetes Supply.

Without guarantees like these, it can often be frustrating when the test strips you receive aren’t in the best condition or when other products you receive are short dated or have cosmetic defects. Mistakes like these can often compromise the readings or even the health of a diabetic.

In case you were wondering why a quality supplier is important, consider the conditions that need to be maintained for supplies before they are even shipped to your door. In the instance of test strips, poor conditions will change the stability of the test strips and result in inaccurate glucose readings when one uses the strips. Poor conditions include environments where the strips are kept in direct light, a humid environment, or in any temperature that is not room temperature. If a diabetic receives a product that has been in these conditions and relies on them to be dependable, they could be putting their own health at risk without even realizing it.

Another concern for customers is that products can be short-dated, effectively making their products worth less than what they are being charged for. Other sellers can fail to guarantee best expiration date, just so they can send you these short-dated items and save money for themselves-- yet another reason why picking the right supplier is important. Make sure you have one that will not hesitate to make these guarantees for you. When you pay for an item, you expect what you receive to be worth it, with no strings attached. This is how it should be, and this is how Total Diabetes Supply operates.

Finally, receiving a product with cosmetic defects is a disappointment for anyone, but even more so for diabetics. Placing your trust into a seller means you expect to have that respect reciprocated, especially when it involves something that has to do with your health. However, some sellers simply cannot make the assurance that they will do their best to fix the problem when a customer receives a product with a cosmetic defect, that in many cases can even render the product they ordered useless for medical use.

Sometimes, we make purchases that don’t have the results that we want. That is why it is always best to go with a supplier that promises to be high quality, all the time. Otherwise, you may be receiving products that are not only compromised in integrity, but can compromise your health. Make sure to pick a trusted seller to order your supplies from, in order to have the best experience! We hope you allow us to give you that experience at Total Diabetes Supply!