Winter Recipes for Diabetes

      As the temperatures continue to cool, it is possible that one might be on the hunt for new winter recipes that hold the health of a diabetic in its best interest. This is important to note because there can be winter recipes available that, while seemingly delicious, can pose some complications for a diabetic. It is important to find those that are simultaneously healthy and savory.

     Therefore, we at Total Diabetes Supply have compiled a short list of our favorite healthy recipes for the winter season, in no particular order. Be sure to let us know your thoughts if you try any of these, and we hope we have found you new favorites!


 1. Chicken Butternut Chili (

Sometimes you just want a nice, hearty chili after all the cool weather outside to make you feel warm on the inside!


2. In-a-Pinch Chicken & Spinach (

This is a nice, lean meal that can save on time while not having to sacrifice quality.


3. Sauteed Pork Chops with Apples (

The Sugar and Spice Rub makes extra. So another time, use it to season pork tenderloin or lean burgers before broiling or grilling.


4. Classic Beef Stroganoff (

To top off this list is a classic. For when you have some extra time on your hands, you can make this classic dish with a twist using a slow cooker!