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Maintaining blood glucose levels isn’t always an easy task when you’re a diabetic. One of the easiest ways to do so is through insulin injections. Regulating one’s insulin is one of the prime treatments diabetics do at home to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To prevent conditions such as hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, individuals have to administer insulin treatment according to their doctor’s prescription. Too much or too little insulin can have grave effects on a patient, which is why administration should be done carefully and precisely at all times.
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Recent studies show that the syringe length may actually affect blood glucose levels, so much so that longer needle lengths may lead to subcutaneous tissue complications, which often cause unprecedented hypoglycemia. To avoid such complications, Diabetes experts suggest that patients should start using shorter insulin syringes for better results. While older 12mm syringes are still in circulation, more and more doctors and patients alike are turning to 6 mm syringes because it is reportedly more comfortable to use.

The shorter size of the needle accounts for a less painful intramuscular experience. Aside from reducing the risk of hypoglycemia, a 6mm syringe allows the insulin, among other fluids, to travel faster to the bloodstream, which can prove especially useful in emergency situations. These ultra fine insulin syringes are designed for convenient use. They are engineered from surgical grade stainless steel and are guaranteed sterile and ready-to-use. With maximum point geometry, these 6mm syringes ensure a precise and swift penetration, promoting maximum comfort.

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