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When searching for a range of products that can be your all-in-one companion during your diabetic treatment journey, come check out the Bayer Contour Next ONE products offered by Total Diabetes Supply. We inspect every product from Bayer Contour Next, making sure that every purchase is in perfect condition, ready to be used immediately. We understand the immense importance of supplying our clients with products that are simple and easy-to-use. Diabetes is an illness that must be treated seriously, and we take pride in the clients that we continue to serve every day.
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With Bayer Contour Next ONE Products, we have ensured that we are selling only the best and most functional products on the market. These strips and meter kits are those that have been proven to have the most thorough efficiency, examining blood samples at least seven times to make sure that they have the right results. This is the most advanced technology available in the diabetic industry, allowing patients to provide for themselves the top quality and grade A service at home that they could expect from any medical professional. Don’t waste thousands for every hospital visit, when you can reassure yourself of the same results with one of the many Bayer Contour Next ONE Products available on our website.

Whether you are a diabetic in need of self-monitoring and self-testing, and would rather save yourself the next hospital trip and bill, or whether you are taking care of a friend or relative with diabetes and you have little to no experience with testing for glucose levels, or even if you suspect that you may have diabetes but you are unsure of how to go about having yourself medically tested, the Bayer Contour Next ONE Product range is exactly what you need. Find the product that fits your needs today, and start solving diabetes one step at a time.