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Every member of the family is just as important as the last, and this includes the family dog. As lovable and adorable as your family’s dog may be, not even dogs are immune to the same diabetes that can affect humans. When treating your dog’s diabetes, it is important to realize that they require specialized instruments, tools, and care procedures to make sure they have the proper and fitting treatment. Using human tools and instruments on dogs may result in dangerous circumstances, so it is advised that you find products specifically made to treat diabetes in dogs.

When searching for diabetes products for your family’s dogs, Total Diabetes Supply offers the latest and most trusted brand in dog diabetes technology: CarePoint Vet Insulin Syringes are sterile, single use and come packaged in 10 poly bags with 10 syringes in each. Nontoxic, pyrogen free, not made with natural rubber latex, permanent barrel markings to ensure accurate dosing, lubricated needle for smooth injection and needles are UV bonded to ensure stability.

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CarePoint Vet is a great line of diabetes products for dogs, offering complete U-100 and U-40 insulin syringes. These include the CarePoint Vet Pet Needles, which allows for a universal fit with any diabetes doser or pen. To ensure that the dog is as comfortable as possible during the injection, every pen needles is lubricated as much as possible. The CarePoint Vet U-100 Insulin Syringes also come equipped with lubricated needles, and are printed with bold and large markings, to ensure that no inaccurate dosage is applied. Finally, the CarePoint Vet U-40 Insulin Syringes are best used for U-40 insulin.

Distinguishing the right tools for the right kind of insulin for your dog is crucial in ensuring that they are given the right treatment that will work for them. Find the CarePoint product your dog needs today on Total Diabetes Supply, and get your pet on the road to recovery.