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CGM: More than just a number

Dexcom's continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system is a small wearable device that tracks your glucose throughout the day and night, notifying you of highs and lows so you can take action.

CGM helps to minimize the guesswork that comes from making decisions based solely on a number from a blood glucose meter reading, for better diabetes management.

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, CGM can help you make more informed treatment decisions and can lead to better glycemic control. 


So how does this technology work? A CGM system consists of three parts: a glucose sensor, a transmitter and a small receiver that displays real-time glucose information.


The Dexcom G5 Mobile is a compact CGM System that works seamlessly to display real-time glucose activity on the display device of your choice, giving you greater convenience and discretion to manage your glucose on the go. Check out the system for yourself.

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