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Glucose Log Books for Optimal Health
As those with diabetes know, glucose self-monitoring is an everyday reality and ultimately becomes second nature. Knowing your target range and how your blood glucose numbers vary throughout the day — such as before and after meals as well as with physical exercise — is important to achieve the best health outcomes possible. Keeping your blood sugar numbers within your personal target range also helps keep issues that are known to accompany diabetes at bay. The risk of complications such as kidney damage, cardiovascular damage, foot problems, eye problems and more can be minimized by taking control of the knowledge you need for optimal health.
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Easy-To-Monitor Blood Glucose Data

With glucose log books, it is especially easy to keep your numbers in one place over time. Keeping good records about your blood glucose numbers allows you to see patterns and changes that promote or inhibit your ultimate goal of good health. With organized, clear data about how many carbohydrates you ate and how they affected your blood sugar, the amount of physical activity performed during the day, medication intake and notes about before and after blood sugar levels, you have the power to make informed decisions about your diabetes treatment.

Trusted Brands in Glucose Log Books

Total Diabetes Supply offers several different glucose log books from several manufacturers such as Accu-Check, Bayer Diabetes Care, FreeStyle, OneTouch and TRUE. These pocket-size books allow you to record and keep several months' worth of data in one place. An inexpensive way to track your blood glucose results, these glucose log books are an absolute must-have for those who take their self-monitoring and health seriously.

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