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What is Hypoglycemia?
You do all you can to prevent the high and low swings of your blood sugar. As a diabetic, self-monitoring is part of your everyday routine. Although high blood sugar can be dangerous, low blood sugar is equally dangerous and an immediate risk for diabetics. Hypoglycemia, an uncomfortable condition that causes symptoms like shakiness, dizziness, sweating, irritability and anxiety, must be treated by a fast-acting carbohydrate to get blood glucose numbers back on track.
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Glucose Tablets and Glucose Pills

Although reaching for a slice of pie, a cookie or a candy bar can be tempting when your blood sugar is dangerously low, healthcare professionals resoundingly recommend the more responsible, low-fat option: glucose tablets and glucose pills. Overtreating your hypoglycemia with desserts, orange juice and other candies can cause a subsequent blood sugar spike, another risky pitfall of diabetes. Glucose tablets, also known as glucose pills, are specially formulated to provide you with the ideal amount of fast-acting carbohydrates to help regulate your blood sugar. These fast-acting carbohydrates are also available in small, perfectly portioned shots.

Glucose Tablet/Pill Flavors & Consistencies

Glucose tablets and glucose-management products are available in many different flavors including orange, cherry, raspberry, chocolate, root beer and more. These products also come in a wide variety of consistencies such as liquids, gels and hard or soft chewable tablets. Today's diabetic has many more flavors and options when dealing with occasional hypoglycemia. These glucose tablets, pills, gels or liquids — whichever kind you prefer — should be readily accessible at all times and that's why many of our products are portable and discreet.

At Total Diabetes Supply, we bring you the brands you trust at prices that won't break the bank. Choose from TRUE, Elovate 15 and Cambridge Sensor products. We have a fantastic selection of glucose-management products and diabetic supplies and accessories that will allow you to keep all your blood sugar-management necessities on hand and available in case you need them.