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At Total Diabetes Supply, we have a collection of wide range of products which are helpful in overall health and wellness. Our products are of high quality and are often used and recommended by many reputed professionals over the globe. We have a variety of ready to drink and gluten free nutrition shakes from Abbot Nutrition PediaSure which provides complete nutrition. These milk based shakes are specially designed to promote overall growth and development of growing children of age ranging from one year to thirteen years. The PediaSure shakes can be orally fed and can be used as an alternative to a regular diet. It contains a well-balanced combination of antioxidants, prebiotic NutraFlora scFOS and 25 vitamins and minerals which are essential for the holistic development of children. Regular intake of PediaSure shakes can help effectively in strengthening the immune system and brain development. It is advised that the shakes must be consumed under proper medical supervision for any possible side effects because of previous medical history. 

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There are a variety of flavors available on Total Diabetes Supply from which you can choose your favorite one. Some of the flavours are banana, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Abbot Nutrition is one of the best brands of ready to drink nutritional shakes in the world and it is the choice of many paediatricians because of the amazing benefits it can deliver. It is completely gluten free drink and can be consumed by lactose intolerant kids too. The shakes come in 8 oz bottles in appealing packaging. Total Diabetes Supply has a range of other products as well which can be beneficial if either you or your pet is suffering from diabetes. Our products are fairly priced and are available at discounted rates as compared to other online stores.