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The insulin pen needle has been one of the most life-changing advancements in the standards of diabetic care. First introduced in 1985 by the Danish company Novo Nordisk, these types of insulin injection units are used by more than 95% of the millions of diabetics worldwide and offer improved convenience and less pain than their insulin syringe counterparts. Diabetic pen needles used to be long and sharp. Thanks to continued advancements in their technology, insulin pens are now small, thin and often painless.

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The Benefits of Diabetes Pen Needles

Today, an increasing number of people have experienced the benefits of using insulin pen devices and diabetic pen needles. Along with increased accuracy in repeated insulin administration, diabetes pen needles are easier use, easier to transport and users experience less injection pain. Those who struggle with visual impairments or who have fine motor skill impairments have also greatly benefitted from the use of diabetes pen needles because they come pre-filled.

Our customers find that the convenience of diabetes pen needles is beneficial because a vial and a syringe is not needed, which makes these insulin pen needles the best choice if you're always on the go. In addition, the pen needles are not dulled by the second injection from the vial to the skin, further reducing pain.

An insulin pen is composed of an insulin cartridge that can either be part of the pen or bought separately, a dial that measures the dose and a pen needle that delivers the dose. We offer pen needles with different measurements, sizes and gauges, including 4mm (5/32") through 12mm (1/2") needle length sizes and from 29g through 33g gauges. Universal pen needles fit almost all brands of pen. Further, some insulin pens have a function that can record information: they save the dosages' date, the amount of insulin administered and how much time has passed since the previous injection.

Although many customers have experienced benefits in their insulin pen needle use, there are some disadvantages as well. These include the inability to combine different insulins in one pen. In addition, separate pens and needles can be expensive to some people.

Two Types of Diabetic Pen Needles

There are two types of insulin pen: durable (reusable) and prefilled (disposable). Because they are often made from metals, durable insulin pens can be heavier than disposable insulin pens. Durable insulin pens contain a replaceable insulin cartridge: this is replaced by a new cartridge once it is emptied.

Alternately, prefilled - or disposable - insulin pen needles come with prefilled insulin. When the contents are depleted (or if the pen has been used more than the days allotted per package insert) the prefilled diabetic pen needle is simply thrown away. At that time, it is necessary to purchase another prefilled pen. Disposable, prefilled pens are advisable to those with non-changing glucose control regimens. This is because most pens only support a certain type of insulin. Your prefilled pen will no longer be usable if you are prescribed a different type of insulin in the future.

How to Choose Pen Needles

When it comes to choosing your diabetic pen needles, there are several considerations: the length, the thickness of the skin, the brand compatibility and the dosages needed.

The length of your diabetes pen needle dictates the proper injection technique. The most common injection technique is vertically at a 90-degree angle. If you have longer needles, you need to pinch your skin at the site of injection to avoid pricking the muscle. The thickness of skin is almost the same for everyone, regardless of BMI. Most people use 4mm- to 5mm-long needles. Obese patients may use up to 8mm in length (or less).

It is important to choose insulin pen needles that are compatible with your pens. Some brands make their needles compatible to a broad range of pens (known as "universal" needles). Still, it's best to check with your general practitioner.

You'll notice that some devices have auto shield function that hides the tip of the needle. This is helpful for those who are afraid to see actual needles poking into their skin. Pen attachments can either be screw-on or click-on; patients with arthritis will benefit more from click-on pen needle attachments.

Those who need large doses of insulin may need to choose pen needles that have larger inner diameters so that the large insulin dose volumes will flow quickly. Other brands, such as BD Medical, uses thin-wall technology to facilitate the flow of insulin even in a small needle. Don't forget to replace your needles after every injection. Only choose insulin pens and needles that conform to the ISO standard.

Buy Low-Cost Pen Needles at Total Diabetes Supply

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