Most Popular Testing Supplies


The Most Popular Diabetic Testing Supplies/Machines
When selecting the diabetic testing supplies and diabetic testing machines that best perform your task of self-monitoring, sometimes it can be helpful to look at the supplies, machines and products that have already resulted in thousands of satisfied customers. We've compiled some of our website's most popular and highest-rated diabetic testing supplies and machines. We've conveniently posted them here on one page so you can browse the selection and decide what products are right for you.

Accu-Chek Aviva Diabetic Supplies

Advocate Redi-Code Diabetes Supplies

Bayer Contour Diabetic Supplies

Embrace Diabetes Supplies

Freestyle Diabetes Supplies


Precision Xtra Diabetes Supplies

TRUEbalance Diabetes Supplies

Bayer Diastix Diabetes Supplies

Clever Choice Diabetes Supplies

Easy Touch Diabetes Supplies

Bionime Diabetes Supplies

Accu-Chek Compact Diabetic Supplies

Bayer Contour Next Diabetic Supplies

FreeStyle Insulinx Diabetes Supplies

OneTouch Ultra Diabetes Supplies

Prodigy AutoCode Diabetes Supplies


Easy Trak Diabetes Supplies

TRUEplus Diabetes Supplies 

Easy Plus Diabetes Supplies

EasyGluco Diabetes Supplies


Accu-Chek Nano/Smartview Supplies

Element Compact Diabetes Supplies

FreeStyle Lite Diabetic Supplies 

True Metrix Diabetes Supplies

Prodigy Voice Diabetes Supplies

TRUEtrack Diabetes Supplies

GenStrip Diabetes Supplies

NovaMax Diabetes Supplies

Easy Step Diabetes Supplies

Infinity Diabetes Supplies

High-Quality, Trusted Diabetic Testing Machines

From self-monitoring machines, diabetic blood glucose test strips to lancets and other diabetic testing supplies, Total Diabetes Supply is your go-to source for high-quality, well-trusted brands, products and necessities that are essential to promote your overall health.

Take Our Customers' Word for It: These are Great!

Diabetics are no strangers to self-monitoring devices and other supplies that go hand-in-hand with these devices. Today's diabetic has so many more options available than diabetics had within the past several decades. With all these choices, picking the right product that will have all the features and details that are important to you can often be overwhelming.

Total Diabetes Supply is your partner in choosing the highest rated and most popular diabetic testing supplies and machines. Our customers' journey through life with this chronic disease is our business — we strive to provide you with the best products so you can ultimately care for yourself without added hassle. Choose from tried-and-true brands like EasyTouch, Clever Choice, TRUEplus, Easy Step, Infinity, Bionime, EasyGluco, Accu-Chek, Element, Advocate and more. We also strive to keep our prices low, so you will find that our products' prices are competitive compared to other online diabetic suppliers.

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