Restaurant Tips for Diabetics

Most diabetics receive a lot of information and advice from their medical providers in terms of how to manage their diet at home; after all, diet is, of course, the most vitally important aspect of lifestyle management for all diabetics, regardless of the type of diabetes a patient has. While doctors can advise about portion sizes and food choices to make at home to ensure the best possible health for their patients, there are a lot of factors that go into eating in other settings—for example restaurants—that are complex. Until you as a patient have dealt with being in a restaurant and tried to figure out what you could eat, you may not have even thought about the complexities of ordering and eating out. What should be a relaxing time with friends or family or even just a break from the same-ness of eating at home can become stressful. But just like it’s possible to find the best deal on BD ultra fine needles, or the cheapest price on a Freestyle diabetes test, and just like you can find any number of resources for supplies for diabetes, there are things you can do to make ordering at a restaurant easier.


Healthy eating in restaurants can feel like a daunting prospect; with little idea of the portion sizes you will be served, and the sometimes vague descriptions of cooking methods that menus feature, you want to make sure that you are eating something that is healthy and safe. Keep in mind that you can make special requests, and most restaurants are happy to fulfill them; for example, you can ask for salad dressings, toppings, and sauces on the side, or ask for your meal to be baked instead of fried. Many restaurants are also more than happy to honor a request that no sugar or fat be added to ordered items. It’s important not to feel as though you’re putting anyone out by, for example, asking for items to be on the side; the request comes in frequently enough that it is not going to throw anyone into a panic. While it may be slightly more difficult to get a preparation changed, it shouldn’t be impossible, and most restaurants absolutely understand that their patrons have specific needs. Do be prepared for it to take a slightly longer time—though it shouldn’t be noticeable if you’re with friends.


Just as you did your research to find the diabetic accessories that help to make your life easier, whether it was the BD ultra fine needles that work better for you than any other solution, or the freestyle diabetes test that is your go-to system, and checking the cooking method of an item you’re interested in ordering at a restaurant can be quick and easy as well as helping you to navigate the best choices. Anything that is baked, steamed, poached, roasted or stir-fried is generally an excellent choice; try to avoid dishes that have too much salt—such as those that use a lot of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, or ketchup. Choosing dishes with tomato-based sauces rather than cream-based is also an easy way to avoid fat and carbohydrates you don’t need. Above all, keep in mind that most wait staff are perfectly happy to answer questions about preparations and ingredients. Any restaurant should have at least a few items that you are comfortable with eating—at least in moderation.

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