Does Cucumber Lower Glucose Levels?

Kozzi-young-cook-preparing-food-441-X-294Diabetes affects more than roughly 8% of the American population. Diabetics need to be able to understand and comprehend the scope of the disease itself. If diabetics are not cautious about their caloric intake, it has the potential to increase the amount of glucose in their bloodstream. Diabetics have to understand that no food that contains carbohydrates can lower glucose levels. Diabetics are often recommended to eat cucumbers, which are non-starch related vegetables, that offer the body fiber that is needed for nourishment. Non-starch foods, such as cucumbers, are those that allow for no more than 5 grams of carbs to be absorbed into the body to keep blood sugar levels to a minimum.

It is often suggested by researchers and doctors alike that the Chinese cucumber is different from the regular cucumber that one can purchase in local grocery store. The seeds, fruit, and roots of a Chinese cucumber are generally used in Chinese medicine to treat health conditions such as diabetes. According to the American Pharmacological Association’s Andrea Pierce, studies indicate that extracted parts of the Chinese cucumber do have a prominent effect on blood glucose levels. Chinese cucumbers, therefore, can be used in combination with diabetes medications as they work in tandem to have remarkable effects for the diabetic. A doctor may prescribe a fasting glucose test as a way to determine a diabetic’s sugar levels. 

According to the ADA, about 2 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year. If one has the disease, they must monitor their blood sugar levels as frequently as they can. It is recommended that diabetics check their glucose levels daily, or multiple times during the day. The target blood glucose range is usually determined by the correlation between with the age of an individual and the overall health they currently have at the time of diagnosis. The ADA states that sugar levels should be taken both prior to a meal and afterward.

Cucumbers have a tremendous and powerful effect on diabetic glucose levels. If one allows their blood sugar levels to remain elevated over an extended period of time, they put themselves at risk for developing other medical emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes, and other conditions and ailments. Eating a healthy diet is as important as exercise. By incorporating cucumbers into one’s diet, they ensure that they are meeting the amount of non-starchy food requirements for their day and improving their blood glucose levels at the same time. According to much research done on the cucumber, is it considered to be one of the most powerful drugs that can aid a diabetic in keeping their blood glucose levels to a minimum. Apparently, there are hormones found in the cucumber that beta cells of the body need for insulin making. The presence of these hormones from the cucumber help the body to better digest foods taken in by the diabetic. There are many supplements, recipes, and other forms available that allow a diabetic to add cucumbers to their daily diet.


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