The Ups and Downs of Rapamycin

As if taking a cancer drug was not bad enough, there has been a lot of research being conducted lately about whether or not a cancer treatment causes a diabetic like symptoms and problems in those who do not have diabetes. Rapamycin is a cancer treatment drug that has been used in many different clinical trials. There are many benefits to this drug. It has been known to help those receiving a transplant reduce the risk of their body rejecting the new organ. The only problem with this drug is that it is said to cause symptoms that are similar to what diabetics’ experience.

To Take Rapamycin or Not to Take Rapamycin; That is the Question

The drug is said to cause an activity in an important protein in the body. Rapamycin is made from a bacteria that is found on Easter Island.  Many doctors think that they should offer their patients diabetes medications in addition to rapamycin when it is being given to cancer patients. Researchers have been running tests on mice with rapamycin and have found that if they removed the active protein from the muscles of the mice, the mice do not experience the diabetic like symptoms.  If only it were possible to do that with humans.

The Pro and Cons of Rapamycin

Cancer patients will have to weigh the pros and cons of rapamycin to see if it is right for them. You should discuss this information with your doctor to find out if it is right for your cancer treatment program. Adding rapamycin could put your health as serious risks for diabetes like complications even if you do not have diabetes. Some doctors want to continue giving their patients rapamycin and treat the diabetes symptoms. Other doctors state that it is not fair to the cancer patient to suffer from symptoms that is associated with a disease they do not have. Diabetes is caused when a person does not make sufficient insulin to control sugar levels in the blood. Diabetes is a serious problem that can cause serious health risks and dangers. Some doctors feel that it is too much to ask their patients to suffer from the symptoms of diabetes as well as the symptoms of their cancer. Rapamycin is a drug that is most used to help those who are undergoing a transplant surgery.

More Research to Be Done Concerning Diabetes Symptoms and Rapamycin

A lot of research needs to be done before more people are subjected to rapamycin in clinical trials. Serious long term effects could occur that researchers are currently unaware of. When taking a drug that causes symptoms of a serious disease like diabetes you have to consider weighing the risks. While rapamycin might be effective in cancer treatment, will the long term effects of suffering from diabetic symptoms be worth it? You will need to carefully consider this information and speak it over with your doctor as soon as possible. Do not delay in learning more.

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