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Smiths Medical Cleo 90 Infusion Sets - 9mm Cannula and 31" (79cm) Tubing - 10sets/Bx

$ 137.99

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  • Single-use!
  • Convenient and quick!
  • Unique design!

*Prescription may be required (see requirements below).

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Single-use, disposable infusion set has 28G intro needle and 25G cannula. Unique, all-in-one design includes an inserter needle and automatic needle retraction to reduce accidental needle sticks, and make insertions convenient and quick.

Smiths Medical Cleo Infusion Set Features:

  • Enclosed needle safety: The enclosed needle automatically retracts up into the housing after the insertion, helping reduce accidental needlesticks.
  • All-in-one design: The patented housing contains both a cannula inserter and needle retractor, providing you with maximum convenience and control.
  • Hidden insertion needle: You control insertion speed and only see the needle if you choose to.
  • Skin-friendly dressing: The small, transparent adhesive dressing breathes yet keeps water out and stays in place with less tape. Its patented release tab makes removal easy, too.
  • Flex-Attach 360 site connection: The low-profile, rounded connector attaches to the site from any direction, for more control and flexibility.
  • Standard Luer Connection: Compatible with any open system insulin pump.


  • Smiths Medical Cleo 90 9mm Cannula and 31" (79cm) Tubing - 10sets/Bx

Brand: Smiths Medical

Category: Insulin Pump Supplies

Insulin Pump Infusion Sets require a doctor's prescription prior to shipment. Please fax your prescription to (833)-940-1956 or upload it via our RX Submission page.

*PLEASE NOTE: Infusion sets may NOT be returned once the manufactures' seal on the outside of the box has been broken. Please contact your physician or the manufacturer to make sure you're ordering a compatible infusion set for your insulin pump.

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$ 137.99

Single-use, disposable infusion set has 28G intro needle and 25G cannula. Unique, all-in-one design includes an inserter needle...
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