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FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter

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  • SKU: 9907370804
  • Brand: FreeStyle

$ 17.76

Quick Overview

  • No Coding Required.
  • World's Smallest Sample.
  • Fast Test Results.
  • Coulometry Measurement.
  • Backlit Display and Test Light.
  • Alternate Site Testing.
  • 4 Reminder Alarms.
  • Large Memory.

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The FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter accurately measures blood glucose levels in diabetics using the FreeStyle Lite Test Strips. Designed by a leader in diabetes supplies, The FreeStyle Lite lancing device is a small, discreet system that enables you to manage your diabetes simply with several key features. Test Anytime, Anywhere with Less Pain and Less Time.

FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter Features:

  • No Coding Required: You won't have to look for the code that matches making the process faster and easier.
  • World's Smallest Sample: Requires only 0.3 microliters of blood for fast accurate testing
  • Fast Test Results: Fast and accurate results within 5 seconds.
  • Coulometry Measurement: Coulometry is a unique electrochemical measurement technique exclusive to FreeStyle Lite lancing device. Coulometric analysis is unaffected by reaction rates and is ideal for measuring a small blood sample size.
  • Backlit Display and Test Light: for convenient testing anytime, anywhere.
  • Alternate Site Testing: You have the option of taking samples from your upper arm, forearms, hands, fingers, thighs, and calves.
  • 4 Reminder Alarms: Helps you maintain your testing schedule.
  • Large Memory: Stores up to 400-Test Memory. Provides results in 7, 14 and 30 day averages. Download results to your computer.


  • FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter With Batteries.
  • FreeStyle Lancing Device.
  • 10 Sterile FreeStyle Lancets.
  • Compact Carrying Case.
  • 8-Month Personal Logbook.
  • Step-by-Step Owner's Booklet.
  • Quick Reference Guide.
  • Warranty/Registration Card.


Brand: FreeStyle

Category: Glucose Meter Kits

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The FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter accurately measures blood glucose levels in diabetics using the FreeStyle Lite Test Strips. De...
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