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What is an Ostomy?
Ostomy surgery is a life-changing and life-saving medical procedure. In an ostomy surgery, a doctor surgically creates a "stoma." A stoma is an opening on the stomach that contains a small, open end of either your ureter (urostomy), your small intestine (ileostomy) or your large bowel (or colon; colostomy). This opening allows the body's waste, either urine or feces, to safely exit the body into an ostomy bag.
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Who Has Ostomy Surgery?

An ostomy is needed when a patient is unable to urinate or defecate normally due to certain kinds of sicknesses, birth defects or serious bowel disorders such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis (UC). An individual who needs an ostomy surgery may have colorectal, rectal or bladder cancer. They may also have an injury or have been involved a trauma that severely damaged the bowels or bladder. Finally, an ostomy patient may have diverticulitis, an infection or a blocked bowel.

Life Goes on After Ostomy Surgery

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that an ostomy takes a lot of upkeep and work. Although it is a life-altering surgery, your life will be much the same. Although trip-taking will require a little bit more planning, you can still travel, have intimate relationships, eat what you love, wear whatever you want, go back to work and participate in most sports.

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