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Kendall Levin Stomach Tube - 14Fr 48" - One each

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Levin Stomach Tubes are a (Levin-type) nasogastric tube used for gastric suction, irrigation and administering medication. The Levin stomach tube is made with a clear, thermo-sensitive, PVC tube that has a smooth, rounded tip made to reduce insertion trauma, and is clear for easy identification of fluids. The tube and tip are radiopaque for clear viewing on x-rays. The open distal end has four staggered eyes for smooth suction and less tube clogging, and it features markings at various lengths so that you can properly place the tube inside your patient, tracking the tube's migration as it is inserted/removed.

  • Clear, PVC tube provides ease of visualization of fluids leaving and entering the stomach.
  • Thermal sensitive, PVC softens when warmed to body temperature for patient comfort.
  • X-ray opaque, Sentinel Line with Sentinel Eye catheter allows for easy tube and tip identification via x-ray.
  • Open distal end with four side holes allows for smooth suction and less tube clogging.
  • Integral funnel connector is ready to attach to suction tubing.
  • Markings 18", 22", 26" and 30" from distal end allow for proper placement and tracking tube migration.


Kendall Levin Stomach Tube, Clear PVC, Single Lumen, Non-Sterile, 14Fr 48" - One each

Brand: Covidien Medical Supply

Category: Enteral

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Levin Stomach Tubes are a (Levin-type) nasogastric tube used for gastric suction, irrigation and administering medication. The ...
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