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Prodigy Voice Meter Kit Combo (Meter Kit and Test Strips 100ct)

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  • SKU: combo382
  • Brand: Prodigy

$ 51.42

Quick Overview

  • Easy to use!
  • No coding!
  • Clear reading of glucose levels!

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Having trouble reading your glucose meter's screen? Its so hard to get quality products that work well for those who need them most. That's why the Prodigy Voice Glucose Meter was developed. It will give you a clear reading of your glucose levels- out loud and on the screen. Alternate site testing helps reduce the pain associated with repetitive glucose testing, perfect for people who need to test their blood glucose levels frequently. Quick and easy testing with auto calibration (no coding) and 6 second test results.

Prodigy Voice Glucose Meter Features:

  • Audio Test Results: From set up to daily tests, they'll all spoken to you. Great for individuals with limited eyesight.
  • Easy to use: The meter is already pre-programmed. Auto calibration helps reduce user error and ensure accurate test results
  • No Coding: The Compact Plus Glucose Meter has automatic calibration. Simply load a new test strip drum into the meter and the diabetic monitor will do the rest!
  • Alternate Site Testing: The Prodigy Voice Glucose Meter offers alternate site testing to reduce the pain associated with blood glucose testing. Alternate test sites include: Forearms, calves and thighs. The Prodigy meter only requires 0.6 microliters of blood.
  • Immediate Results: Efficiency has never been so fast. The meter will display accurate test results in just 6 seconds.
  • Stores your Readings: The REPEAT button will take you back to your last testing with one touch. Your last 450 tests are also kept on record, and you can view/hear averages for the last 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, or 90 days to help you and your physician track your glucose levels.

Prodigy Voice Glucose Test Strip Features:

  • No Coding Required: Just insert the strip into the Meter to turn it on.
  • Alternate Site Testing: For more comfort and less pain.
  • Quick and Easy: Prodigy Voice diabetic test strips require small blood samples, deliver accurate results in just 6 seconds and use unique capillary action to automatically "pull" blood onto the test strips. Great for people of all ages to comfortably use.


  • 1 Prodigy Voice Meter Kit
  • 100 Prodigy Voice Blood Glucose Test Strips

Brand: Prodigy

Category: Glucose Meter Kits

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Having trouble reading your glucose meter's screen? Its so hard to get quality products that work well for those who need them ...
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