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PROFORE Lite Multi-layer Compression Bandage by Smith & Nephew - One box each

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Smith & Nephew Profore Lite Multi-Layer Compression Bandaging System, Sterile, Latex-Free

Smith & Nephew Profore Lite Multi-Layer Compression Bandaging System is specifically designed for the management of mixed aetiology leg ulcers where the patient has been identified to have some degree of arterial impairment which prevents the use of full compression because of the risk of ischaemic necrosis. Profore Lite is best used on ankle circumferences greater than 18cm or 7¼ inches (padded).

  • Sterile wound contact layer.
  • Effective compression.
  • Graduated compression.
  • Sustained compression.
  • Safety.
  • Extended wear-time.
  • Cost effective.
  • Convenient.


One PROFORE WCL - Sterile Wound Contact Layer - helps protect the wound site and help wick away exudate into the absorbent padding. One PROFORE no.1 absorbent padding bandage - helps absorb exudate and helps protect bony prominences. One PROFORE no.2 light conformable bandage - helps absorb exudate and helps prepare and sculpt the leg for the application of the pressure layers. One PROFORE no.4 cohesive compression bandage - helps maintain continuous compression and keeps the system in place for up to a full week.


  • Manufactured by Smith and Nephew
  • Should not be used on patients with appendages that have partially blocked blood supply or ABPI < 0.6.

Brand: Smith and Nephew

Category: Wound Care

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